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ant_rox.jpgAnthony Jr. and Roxann Todaro180 viewsAnthony J. Todaro Jr and wife Roxann.anthonytodaroMay 19, 2010
Anthony___Phyllis_Todaro.jpgAnthony and Phyllis Todaro Wedding Photo129 viewsIn this photo is Anthony ( 1913 - 2001 ) and Phyllis Todaro (nee Tolaro ) (1919 - 1950 ) on their wedding day. They had one child Mildred TodaroanthonytodaroMay 19, 2010
aunt_jennie_grandmom_todaro.jpg140 viewsOn the left is Aunt Jennie and her sister Carmella Todaro taken around 1960 at Aunt Jennie's porch on Carpenter St.anthonytodaroMay 19, 2010
grandpop_todaro.jpg150 viewsOn the right is Gerolomo Todaro father of Anthony, Paul and John TodaroanthonytodaroMay 19, 2010
John___Marion_Todaro_wedding.jpgJohn & Mariion Todaro wedding photo216 viewsJohn Todaro was the son of Millie (Campise) Todaro
daughter of Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
wedding party left to right
front row children George G. Campise (Ring Barer) Groom's cousin, Lollie (Flower Girl) Step daughter of Philip (Shorty) Garifo
Back row, Paul Eugene Canpise (Grooms Cousin), Lary Garifo (Grooms Cousin) , John Tadaro (Groom), Marion, (Bride), (Name?) , Angela Campisi (Grooms Cousin) , Lena Garifo (Grooms Cousin)
OracleMar 16, 2009
Joseph___Cicelia_Garifo.jpgJoseph & Ciceila Garifo wedding photo169 viewsJoseph Garifo and wife Cicelia
Joseph was the son of Jennie (Campisi) Garifo
daughter of Paolo Campisi & Angelina Visa
OracleMar 16, 2009
Louisa_Gargano_Maid_of_Honor.jpgLouisa (Gargano) Campise at a friends Wedding202 viewsLouisa (Gargano) Campise, left front row.
Wife of George Campise Sr,
son of Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
Identity of Bride and Groom and others in photo unknown.
OracleMar 16, 2009
Nicholas_Barille___Kathryn_Gargano_wedding.jpgLouisa (Gargano) Campise at Barille Wedding363 viewsLouisa Esmeralda (Gargano) Campise
Wife of George Campise (Sr.)
son of Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
This photo is the wedding photo of Nicholas Barille & Kathryn Gargano (Older sister of Louisa)
from left to right first row women , (name?), Pauline Gargano (Louisa's Sister), (name ?) , Louisa Gargano, Kathryn Gargano (Bride), (name?), (name?)
Back row men, (name?), (name?), Nicholas Barille (groom), Donato (Dan) Gargano (wife's brother)
OracleMar 16, 2009
Paul___Georgette_Garifo.jpgPaul & Georgette Garifo151 viewsPaul Garifo & wife Georgette
Paul was the son of
Jennie (Campise / Campisi) Garifo
Daughter of Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
OracleMar 16, 2009
Paul___Henrietta_Todaro.jpgPaul & Henrietta Todaro wedding photo185 viewsPaul Todaro and wife Henrietta
Paul was the son of
Carmella (Campisi ) Tadaro
Daughter of Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
OracleMar 16, 2009
Paul_Eugene_Campise_5m.jpgPaul Eugene Campise 5 months old148 viewsPaul Eugene Campise
Born October 15 1930
approx 5 months old
Oldest son of
George & Louisa Campise
Grandson of Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
OracleMar 16, 2009
Philip___Mary_Campise_wedding.jpgPhilip & Mary Campise wedding photo195 viewsPhilip Campise and wife Mary Mazzone
Philip Campise (Campisi)
The youngest child and
the youngest sone of the 7 children of
Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
OracleMar 16, 2009
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