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Campise___Bro_PA.jpgCampise & Bro Shaving Palor543 viewsCampise & Bro Shaving Parlor
Barber Shop Located At 946 South 6th Street
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Photo Taken Somewhere Around 1915 to 1918
On the left: - Barber: Joseph Campise
on the Right: - Joseph's brother Nicholas Campise
Joseph & Nicholas were my grandfather, George's older brothers.
They can all be sceen as children on in the Campisi family from Sicily Photo.
This is one of the last photos taken of Nicholas Campise.
He died shortly after during the 1918 influenza epidemic that killed 50 m
Campisi_Family_Sicily.gifCampisi Family from Sicily359 views

This is a picture of Paolo Campisi and family from Caccamo Sicily. I have been told, with true Sicilian, Italian accuracy, that they were tailors and made all of these clothes. Nicholas died at a very young age, I believe 20. George my grandfather and Phillip were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lena, who I knew and loved, gave me this picture. She was one of my earliest memories and one of my daughters was named after her. This Photo was taken about 1907 at Clines Studio 8th & Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. When Lena gave me this picture it was the last time I saw her alive. Lena never had any children of her own, yet many of us were her children in her eyes.
I will never forget the kindness in her eyes, she was truly a mother in "The Eyes Of Many."
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