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John & Mariion Todaro wedding photo
John Todaro was the son of Millie (Campise) Todaro
daughter of Paolo Campisi and Angelina Visa
wedding party left to right
front row children George G. Campise (Ring Barer) Groom's cousin, Lollie (Flower Girl) Step daughter of Philip (Shorty) Garifo
Back row, Paul Eugene Canpise (Grooms Cousin), Lary Garifo (Grooms Cousin) , John Tadaro (Groom), Marion, (Bride), (Name?) , Angela Campisi (Grooms Cousin) , Lena Garifo (Grooms Cousin)
aunt_jennie_grandmom_todaro.jpg grandpop_todaro.jpg John___Marion_Todaro_wedding.jpg Joseph___Cicelia_Garifo.jpg Louisa_Gargano_Maid_of_Honor.jpg